Vegan/ Vegetarian / Omnivore / Paleo / Specialty & Every Diet Friendly

Circulatory &

Immune Health

Skin, Bones & Joints

Respiratory, Digestive

& Excretory Health

Raw Sea Moss 5.5 oz.

Raw Sea Moss 5.5 oz.


Vitamin A

2-3 times more vitamins than carrots


3 times more calcium than cow's milk

Vitamin B12

4 times more vitamin B12 than eggs


28 times more iron than liver

Edible algae, ocean vegetable super food. Packed with essential minerals for a well body.
Watch easy to make inspired instructional videos. Then go to recipes for more inspiration.
Our customers are loving how sea moss's versatility is making it enjoyable to consume.
100% all natural, non bio-engineered. Just add to everyday cooking.
 At Mossum we know you want to look and feel well at the same time, continuously. To do that, your body needs minerals. Sea Moss is algae that has the essential minerals you need to help you be well. 


“I can remember the health results in the first few days. Energy. Some slight knee pains gone. Sleeping through the night. Skin softer. I just feel good because I know I am eating a food that is helping me with every bite.”

—  Yoshi H, Lawrenceville, GA


Why should I eat sea moss?
Sea Moss is a whole food that becomes personal to your needs, once you decide to make it a part of your diet. It is ideal for the whole family - kids, adults and seniors.
We believe being well is a practice that is mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. We make simple and nutritious products with Sea Moss included, which we hope will bring value to your life however you practice being well. 
How do I use sea moss?
Sea Moss can be easily added to your favorite dishes and drinks such as soups, smoothies, hot meals and beverages. As little as 1 tsp in your smoothie or 2 tbsp in hot meals.


For the love of being well.


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Mossum is the leader in the creation of products with Sea Moss. Mossum is the feeling of well-being after ingesting Sea Moss.

* We source our Sea Moss from reputable distributors.