Resistant Starch - contains resistant starch which helps our body feed good bacteria or probiotic bacteria thus boosting up our immune system.

Antibacterial and Anti-viral - antiviral is (medicine) inhibiting the growth and reproduction of a virus while antibacterial is killing or inhibiting bacteria. Sea Moss helps to fight bacterial infections, viruses, colds, flues.

​Improves Thyroid function - the mineral iodine found in Sea Moss helps to heal disorders like hypo-thyroid, and hyperthyroid. It helps to normalize and balance thyroid hormones.

​Anti-inflammatory - a good anti-inflammatory agent that can help with kidney inflammation.​

Vascular System - strengthens blood vessels (with iron, magnesium and potassium) and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, varicose veins and cancer.


Lowers Blood Pressure - helps to lower blood pressure.​​

Anti-inflammatory - a good anti-inflammatory agent that can help arthritis, pain, swelling, and redness, and inflammation.

Natural Collagen - contains a natural source of collagen which is great for healing joints and ligaments and all the cartilage of the body. Plus collagen is great for bring back that youthful appearance to the skin and preventing wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin.

Weight Loss - very low in calories, and thus it works well as a low calorie food for weight loss.

Strong Bones - a good source of calcium and phosphorus for building strong bones. Sea Moss contains 600 times more calcium than that found in animal sources of calcium.

Good Protein Source - up to 10% protein, making it a good source of muscle building protein.

Increase Wound Healing - Sea Moss increases wound healing thus speeding up recovery  to skin wounds and other tissues.

Antioxidants - contains lots of antioxidants that help to prevent and repair free radical damage.


Good Diuretic - helps to flush out toxins and increase urine flow thus healing edema.

Lowers Cholesterol - helps to lower cholesterol. It contains lots of soluble fiber, that turns into a gel slowing down the digestive process, inhibiting the absorption of sugars and cholesterol.

GI Tract - good for the GI tract because it helps soothe away stomachaches, gastric ulcers, excess acid, diarrhea and constipation.

Removes Excess Mucus - improves lung function by removing excess mucus build-up on the lungs, making you spit up phlegm.

Sea Moss's cool features make it ideal for all diet types: omnivores, vegans and vegetarians, pescetarians and paleo dieters, and all specialties in between.

- It's a natural supplement

- tasteless

- low calorie

- low moisture

- slightly alkaline

- multi-cellular

- edible red algae, can be eaten raw or with heated dishes, it melts in heat and can thicken sauces and soups

- it is an antioxidant

- it's sustainable, functional food​

Sea Moss can last for years if stored properly in a cool dry place. It also lasts for months in the fridge with no mold or bacteria build-up.


Sea Moss works to make the body better. Its essential vitamins and minerals may help several ailments. It's good for the whole family. It's easy to use. Adding it to your diet is easy. So many ways to eat, drink and be well with Sea Moss.




*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and neither does MOSSUM make that claim.


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