Tasteless, low calorie, ocean vegetable super food.

We use sea moss (eucheuma cottonii) that is Caribbean grown and harvested. With every bite, sip, dip and mix of a Mossum sea moss product, you are partaking in our mission to bring you the best quality products that are experiential, innovative and easy to use without compromise of its vast nutritional value.


Sea Moss is a premium food. For all our products that makes it an essential and distinctive characteristic for our brand as well. That means always to create products that command high grade, superiority and excellence.


 Sea Moss's properties are massive. So it's only natural that we make it less complicated by bringing you delicious and nutritious products that are simple in composition, name, flavor and variety.


With sea moss we introduce a new way to interact with and reap the benefits of edible algae. Every product that bears our name will be experiential and innovative. All with your enjoyment and satisfaction in mind.


We believe that being well is a practice that is mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. We make products with sea moss which we hope will add value to your life however you practice being well.


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Mossum is the leader in the creation of products with Sea Moss. Mossum is the feeling of well-being after ingesting Sea Moss.

* We source our Sea Moss from reputable distributors.