The day I stepped out of the shower, toweled off, and realized that my skin did not feel splitting dry. It was a few weeks in since using Sea Moss consistently in my food. It dawned on me that Sea Moss does what it is documented to do. 


I had found a food that provided tangible results


Sea Moss is a part of my life, my diet. I Eat.Drink.Sea Moss. I believe that our foods have what we need to keep our bodies well. Sea Moss has so many health and wellness benefits that I use it daily. It’s the only supplement I need as its properties contain everything from potassium to, iodine, iron, zinc and Vitamin K. It helps make my bodily functions easier, movement better, me better. I feel secure in using Sea Moss as it has generations  worth of history in the Caribbean (my birth region).
I have known Sea Moss my whole life. My mother made a wonderful drink with milk that was spicy and delicious. Back in 2012 I started reading more about the nutritional benefits of Sea Moss and was blown away. I had known this plant for so long and yet knew nothing about it, except it was good.


My name is Kim Jean and I am the proud founder of MOSSUM.

Sea Moss is awesome. And so...MOSSUM was born...


MOSSUM makes products starring the sea vegetable, Sea Moss (eucheuma cottonii). It is categorized as a super food: a nutrient rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Our products feature Sea Moss as the main ingredient.

As a company we are shameless in promoting its use and consumption. Even more, we are bold and fearless in the uniqueness of any product we make and offer no apologies for it. MOSSUM's priority is to use Sea Moss in its natural form and in combination with other ingredients, but to keep our products as natural and additive and preservative free as possible.


​People want to eat foods that really deliver on nutrition. Sea Moss is a whole food that has healing minerals necessary for a well body without the smell or fishy taste of other sea vegetables. We like to say that our Sea Moss products are where the ocean meets the trees. Our slogan is Eat.Drink.Sea Moss.

You ready to dive in? Start here.

Kim Jean


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