Sea Moss is a part of my life, my diet. I Eat.Drink.Sea Moss. I believe that our foods have what we need to keep our bodies well. Sea Moss has so many health and wellness benefits that I use it daily. It’s the only supplement I need as its properties contain everything from potassium to, iodine, iron, zinc and Vitamin K. It helps make my bodily functions easier, movement better, me better. I feel secure in using Sea Moss as it has a long history in the Caribbean (my birth region).
I have known Sea Moss my whole life. My mother made a wonderful drink with milk that was spicy and delicious. A few years ago I started reading more about the nutritional benefits of Sea Moss and was blown away. I had known it for so long, just not how good. When I moved to Chicago, my food consumption remained the same, including Sea Moss.
With consistent use I noticed Sea Moss does what it is recorded to do. Apart from feeling well and fit, I noticed some improvements on the inside and outside of my body. What I call tangible results.

My skin is no longer dry. I don’t have to put lotion on regular.

I spit out any phlegm or mucus nearly daily. 

The occasional pimple fades naturally.

My hair and scalp are not as dry. Flakes and dandruff are a thing of the past.

My cycle is smooth, with no irritation.
I’m very familiar with the bathroom, more than ever.

I don't feel as cold in winter as I used to years ago.

I recommend Sea Moss for the whole family including kids and seniors. You don’t need fancy recipes for Sea Moss. Just add some to all you cook, bake, blend and juice. Think of it as an additive, a seasoning, a thickener, a garnish. MOSSUM brand of products makes this ocean super food easy to obtain and use. Include it in your soups, salads, drinks and deserts. Your body will thank you.

Our Core Values


Sea Moss is a premium food. For all our products that makes it an essential and distinctive characteristic for our brand as well. That means always to create products that command high grade, superiority and excellence.


 Sea Moss's properties are massive. So it's only natural that we make it less complicated by bringing you delicious and nutritious products that are simple in composition, name, flavor and variety.


With Sea Moss we introduce a new way to interact with and reap the benefits of edible algae. Every product that bears our name will be experiential and innovative. All with your enjoyment and satisfaction in mind.

Being Well

We believe that being well is a practice that is mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. We make products with Sea Moss which we hope will add value to your life however you practice being well.

MOSSUM is the brand specialist in the creation of products with Sea Moss. MOSSUM is the feeling of well-being after ingesting Sea Moss.

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Company Disclaimer

* We source our Sea Moss from reputable distributors.

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